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• 6/21/2018

Request to Edit

Hello, I have just come across this Wikia and thought that I could help a little bit with the lore. There seem to be holes in the lore, like Piplup Guy's Disappearance, the whole of SimpleFlips' Bazar Adventure, and his albums. While there is more I find to be missing, I will get to the point: I would like to have permission to edit and add onto the Wikia. I may be just an ordinary fan, but I believe that you could benefit a lot from my edits. Thank you for reading this and I will await a response.
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• 6/22/2018
You should be able to edit everything already? If you somehow don't try contacting the owner of this wikia (although i dont think he cares about this wikia anymore)
Kind regards, SimpleUsernames
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