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• 6/22/2018

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Hey all, i was like the second guy who edited anything on this wikia AT ALL and i recently dug through my emails to find this! How much progress have you all made? Really happy that we are going to have a (somewhat) official simpleflips wikia!

Regards, SimpleUsernames
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• 6/28/2018
We have done quite a bit of progress!

The most fleshed our portion of this wiki is with the jokes, so that should be a good starting point.

However, because the only admin of the wiki is completely gone, the whole site is in complete anarchy, with lazy and meaningless pages being left and right.

I am applying for adopting this wiki, though. If you want some sort mod status, just let me know and if/when I get approved, I’ll give it to you, because this wiki is in desperate need of some authority.
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