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Welcome to the BUP CLUB

What is a BUP Edit

A BUP is a meme often used by the Simpleflips community. It is the texture of toad's head largely stretched out in ways that it can fit into any face you want. As such, there are a lot of pictures of important people with the head of a BUP. [Censored] BUP is illegal in 23 states, including California.

Origin Edit

BUP is most likely originated from the Super Releasio romhack[1] as everything was covered in toads face and the BUP sound was played whenever jumped.

Trivia Edit


a general BUP



Simple [Censored] flips if you don't give my BUP boy some proper adhesive I will take a bullet...

...train to your house and toss your salad

If BUP is to actually attain proper adhesive, he'd be restored to his full power. Not only will he take away Gay Baby Jails permanently, he will plunge the world into a never-ending spiral of [Censored] 1 2 Oatmeal mashups. This was confirmed during a lore moment on his stream: