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Pannenkoek2012 is a Super Mario 64 player that pushes the game to its very limits with glitches to achieve a goal, finishing the game with the lowest amount of a presses possible.

He is known also for his status as a meme that started when he published the video: "SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)". In this video, he explained exactly what he did to collect Watch for Rolling Rocks in 0.5 a presses. He achieved that goal through incredibly complex techniques like going into a PU (Parallel Universe). Because this video blew everyone's mind, it became a meme. From this video, TJ "Henry" Yoshi became a meme too.

To this day, Pannen still makes videos about a presses and glitches.

He sent TJ "Henry" Yoshi on his downward spiral, which would eventually result in TJ challenging SimpleFlips