Do you know who I am? I'm Simple god damn daddy Flips.
The man, the myth, the legend, Simpleflips (aka dad, daddy, mighty plumber, the speedrunner, the BUP master, gay idiot).

His real name according to his paypal is Eddie Cruz, but knowing him and his shenanigans, it's probably a fake to give a false lead to his children. He has also stated on one occasion that his name is Aveire.

He has left us and we want him back.

Speedrunners hate him, but they don't even know why.

Abilities Edit

  1. BLJ
  2. Bomb clip (1 every 100 times)
  3. Achieving everything on the first try, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeediot
  4. Changing his IQ at will, it ranges from 200 to 2 octillion. Also, he can use his special IQ glasses to increase his IQ into IIIQ.
  5. Summoning thousands of his dozens of his twitch bots
  6. Having no regrets when he abandoned us
  7. Smelling like a wet dog
  8. Hearing music through his mouth
  9. Being able to kill his dad
  10. Controlling Simpleflips
  11. Timeout, ban and/or mod people on twitch.
  12. Taking the moon
  13. Being a friend
  14. Imprisoning homosexual infants
  15. getting stuck in the prisons he used on gay babies
  16. Doing the God BLJ
  17. IRL BLJ
  18. Downing some oats in approximately 41 seconds.

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